Bo Zhu

PhD candidate at University of Waterloo.
I am interested in analysis and design of cryptographic algorithms and protocols.
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University of WaterlooSep. 2010 - Present
PhD candidate, under supervision of Prof. Guang Gong
Communications Security Lab at Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering
At-Large Council of Graduate Student Association, 2011
Technical support for Chinese Students and Scholars Association, 2010 - 2012
Teaching Assistants:
  • SE 350, Operating Systems, Winter 2013
  • ECE 254, Operating Systems, Fall 2012
  • ECE 354, Real-Time Operating Systems, Spring 2011
  • ECE 124, Digital Circuits & Systems, Winter 2011
Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversitySep. 2007 - May 2010
MSci, under supervision of Prof. Kefei Chen and Prof. Xuejia Lai
Cryptography and Information Security Lab at Dept. Computer Science
Organizing committee of ProvSec (Provable Security) 2008
Tsinghua UniversityAug. 2003 - July 2007
BEng, Dept. Electrical Engineering

Selected Publications

Pleco and Plectron -- Two Provably Secure Password Hashing Algorithms [PDF] [Code] [ePrint]
Bo Zhu, Xinxin Fan, and Guang Gong. In submission
Enhanced Criteria on Differential Uniformity and Nonlinearity of Cryptographic Significant Functions [PDF]
Yin Tan, Guang Gong, and Bo Zhu. In submission
Loxin -- A Solution to Password-less Universal Login [PDF]
Bo Zhu, Xinxin Fan, and Guang Gong. 2014 IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Security and Privacy in Big Data (BigSecurity 2014). pp 494-499
Multidimensional Meet-in-the-Middle Attack and Its Applications to KATAN32/48/64 [PDF] [DOI] [ePrint]
Bo Zhu and Guang Gong. Journal of Cryptography and Communications -- Discrete Structures, Boolean Functions and Sequences (CCDS). Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 313-333, December 2014
Distinguishing Properties and Applications of Higher Order 4 Derivatives of Boolean Functions [DOI]
Ming Duan, Mohan Yang, Xiaorui Sun, Bo Zhu, and Xuejia Lai. Information Sciences, Elsevier, Feb 2014
TuLP: A Family of Lightweight Message Authentication Codes for Body Sensor Networks [DOI]
Zheng Gong, Pieter Hartel, Svetla Nikova, Shao-Hua Tang, and Bo Zhu. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, vol. 29 (1), pp 53-68, Jan 2014
Revisiting MAC Forgeries, Weak Keys and Provable Security of Galois/Counter Mode of Operation [PDF]
Bo Zhu, Yin Tan, and Guang Gong. 12th International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security (CANS 2013). LNCS 8257. pp 20-38
Revisiting Counter Mode to Repair Galois/Counter Mode, and Simeck: An Authenticated Cipher Design [Slides]
Bo Zhu, Yin Tan, and Guang Gong. Talk at Directions in Authenticated Ciphers (DIAC) 2013
Another View on Cube Attack, Cube Tester, AIDA and Higher Order Differential Cryptanalysis [PDF]
Bo Zhu, Guang Gong, Xuejia Lai, and Kefei Chen. CACR Technical Report 2012-01
A Practical Platform for Cube-Attack-like Cryptanalyses [PDF] [ePrint]
Bo Zhu, Wenye Yu, and Tao Wang. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2010/644
Bitwise Higher Order Differential Cryptanalysis [DOI]
Bo Zhu, Kefei Chen, and Xuejia Lai. 1st International Conference on Trusted Systems (INTRUST 2009). LNCS 6163. pp 250-262
Improved Cryptanalysis of the FOX Block Cipher [DOI]
Zhongming Wu, Yiyuan Luo, Xuejia Lai, and Bo Zhu. 1st International Conference on Trusted Systems (INTRUST 2009). LNCS 6163. pp 236-249
Towards Secure and Practical MACs for Body Sensor Networks [DOI]
Zheng Gong, Pieter Hartel, Svetla Nikova, and Bo Zhu. 10th International Conference on Cryptology in India (INDOCRYPT 2009). LNCS 5922. pp 182-198
How to Break LU Matrix Based Key Predistribution Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks [DOI]
Bo Zhu, Yanfei Zheng, Yaowei Zhou, and Kefei Chen. 2009 IEEE 6th International Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE MASS 2009). pp 237-245


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